Jan 4, 2014

Lenny - Of Pigs and Gremlins

Today we will peek at everyone’s favorite Gremlin, the resident Pig lover, Lenny himself. Again, scroll to the bottom of the first paragraph for the definitions of the bolded terms.

  Lenny is Malifaux’s resident Numbskull. A gentle giant, his soulful eyes betray a compassionate soul. He is a mentally disabled, but physically Strong Gremlin who travels with his pet pig, George, his constant companion.  He dreams of "living off the fatta' the lan'" and being able to tend to pigs like those Slop Haulers he sees every day.  He makes himself a Big Target, protecting the weaker Gremlins, as well as being the recipient of Dumber Luck than most Gremlins see in a lifetime. Slow to anger, this gentle giant, when roused, swings a fearsome tree that he likes to call a Whackin Stick. However, ever the gentle giant, Lenny will often give out Hugs and Squeezes after hitting an enemy to try to soothe them. Lenny, because of his size, has been picked on most of his life, well until he uprooted a tree and Tossed an unlucky Gremlin with it.  To deal with all the abuse that the routinely suffers he will often pet the pig, George, to try to soothe his hurt feelings. His love for pigs conspires against him though, mostly because he does not know his own strength and often can kill a pig with his vigorous petting.

Numbskull – Immune to ALL Conditions (Fast, Slow, Burning etc.)

Strong – Lenny is Hard to Wound

Big Target – Lenny reduces all damage in 3” aura to friendly models by 1

Dumber Luck – Lenny’s 3” aura of handing out the Rams suit.

Whackin Stick – Lenny’s melee attack does 3/4/5 damage

Hugs and Squeezes – Trigger off of the Whackin Stick

Toss(ed) – Lenny can throw Ht 1 models 10”

Pet the Pig – Lenny’s heal

 Lenny on the table can be a fearsome combat monster in melee. Although he has a paltry defense of four, hard to wound often means that he will take weak damage. Lenny’s Wp of one means that his is prone to lures and obeys, but the counter balance to that is his Numbskull ability, which means that Lenny is never paralyzed, or Poisoned. Due to Numbskull, Lenny can never benefit from the Fast condition but Lenny is often best left as a second line defense. His aura of rams means that Bayou Gremlins can auto trigger dumb luck, combined with his Big Target means that they will take one less damage as well. Even better, it means that Rami and Ophelia can benefit from both auras as well. Lenny won’t last against a sustained attack but this is mitigated by his crew. Lenny is right at home in a horde full of Bayou Gremlins. Lenny’s aura of damage reduction works so that the Bayou’s only suffer one wound instead of the two they would suffer from Drunk and Reckless.  This can be a great boon if playing a style of “explody Gremlins”.  Overall Lenny is a buff machine and a great addition to almost any crew. His weakness of abysmally low willpower is something that can be a bother against crews that target willpower. However, Lenny isn’t someone to be taken lightly, yes, you can lure him, but unless you can kill him on that turn, often it will be a counter intuitive move.  Yes, you succeed in changing his auras and maybe making those pesky Gremlins not so dangerous, but Lenny can be downright deadly and with the right suits can stops models from moving in their tracks. 

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