Jan 28, 2014

Fingers - That Obnoxious Drunk at the Bar

Finger, a crafty Gremlin, babbles incessantly about nothing and pretends he doesn't understand what anyone else is saying. Basically he's that annoying drunk guy at the bar, babbling incessantly about nothing, or could be a blog writer trying to find an introduction, writing a bunch of words without really saying anything.


Fingers is a Reckless drunken Henchmen, he stumbles around rather well for a drunk guy with a walk of 6 and a charge of 8. Defense and willpower at 6, with 9 wounds Fingers is pretty sturdy, but won’t hold up to any sustained assault. Like most Gremlins, Fingers is Ht 1. Fingers is a good choice when taking interact schemes for two of his abilities, Chatty and Don't Mind Me. Chatty reflects Fingers' overall persona and translates into enemy models cannot take interact actions within 6-inches of him. Don't Mind Me allows Fingers to take Interact actions even while engaged. Similar to other Gremlins Fingers has Loudest Squeel; the difference is that he has the ability on both of his defense and willpower stats. On a mask, Fingers, after resolving, gets a 4-inch push in any direction. Important to note he gets his trigger regardless of success or failure just a mask, which as a Henchmen he can always use a Soul Stone for one.


Fingers isn’t a damage-dealing model. He has exactly one attack action and it fits in well with a Brewmaster led crew. Fingers can convince another model to Try Some! At Ml 7 and give the target Poison +3. On a tomes he gets the Round on the House trigger that, after succeeding, all enemy models with a pulse of 4-inches has to pass a TN 12 Wp duel or gain Poison +2. His tactical action of Take a Swig allows one friendly model to heal 1/2/3 damage and his other tactical action of I Saws It First, allows Fingers to place friendly scheme markers in base contact with enemy scheme markers, then discard the enemy marker. Great action to disrupt the opponents Line in The Sand!


The one upgrade I run rather often with him is the Drinking “Problem” upgrade. This give Fingers the Pour Me a Double ability. This ability lets other friendly Tri-Chi models within 6” double the amount of any healing from any healing flips. This works well with his Take a Swig action, as well as with Slop Haulers and the general upgrade of Quality Mash Liquor. Remember that healing can be cheated and the Brewmaster is Tri-Chi, with a well-timed Red Joker, this upgrade would heal 8 damage. 


Fingers is a great addition to a Brewmaster crew for the sheer amount of Poison he can dish out. With Reckless, he can move 18-inches and stop interacts at 24-inches, so he can shut down those first or second turn interact actions. With an always-available Squeel, he can reliably get away from enemy models when he wants to, and still stop interact actions. Try Some goes well with the Brewmaster turning Poison to Paralyze (more on that on Friday). Don’t overlook Fingers scheme marker based abilities when selecting crews, especially in scheme marker heavy scheme pools.  Fingers can be a game winner but he, like most of the Brewmasters crew, plays counter-intuitive to the outright slaughter of damage-based crews. Once you get that this entire crew, not just Fingers, is about control you begin the step to mastering its Drunken Gremlin Kung Fu. 

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