Jan 20, 2014

Beginning Zorida with Another Chris

Chris King, Podcaster, and highest ranked Gremlin player (as of this writing) in the UK has joined the Black Bayou to offer his insights as he learns and grows with our favorite Swamp Hag, Zorida. Be sure to keep up with all the antics at Chasing Bacon -Kris
  Hello you. Yes you the poor person who’s got so bored they’re looking at this post. I really would recommend looking at other posts on this blog (shhh don’t tell anyone but I’m not the normal blogger!) So Kris invited me to make a post, I said what on, he said why not Zorida seeing as your starting to see what she does.Problem with this is I’ve had two games with her and as expected hasn’t given me a fantastic knowledge of how she works. So I came up with a solution, I would invade Kris’ blog every so often with updates on my learnings of Zorida, so that I can learn her and help you learn how to use her too. I’ve also suggested this to the rest of the community under the hashtag BaseStepBlogging (I know a certain group of people will know what a base step is, and it’s not the gremlin crowd) or BSB. So I’ll start with this post know talking about my findings so far and then update whenever I discover new stuff, this could be from a game or those times when I might randomly wake up at 3am thinking about Malifaux. So that’s what’s gonna be happening and I must now change from rambling leonconstruct into the far more sensible lemonconstruct :P (sneaking in Chasing Bacon references, o and a small bit of shameless self-promotion)
 So I’m gonna have a few different thinks to discuss. First Zorida herself. She’s like a nut. Her defensive traits make her hard to get through to. They’re about making you miss or persuading you not to bother targeting her., but once you’re through the shell her wounds will disappear faster than uberspoons right hand :P (sorry mate, best I could come up with). The scary think that happens once she joins the gremlin faction is she gains access to an upgrade witch (pun most defiantly intended) gives her a healing flip. This means those nice juicy wounds you finally got to all come right back up. Obey is a key action of Z’s card. To me it has four roles.

  1. Moving own crew into positions-such like engaging opponents models to stop them doing things, moving up to squatter rights markers etc.,
  2. Giving Z any action she wants-you want Z to be a melee beast, take a melee monster and have Z obey it for more attacks, to me it’s like Z is making those attacks, but better J,
  3. Moving opponents-this is very useful in m2e, where positioning is important and you can just muck that up for opponents,
  4. Fun-this would be like making opponent’s models do fun things, like beat up their friends/jump off buildings etc.

  So next bit, Zorida goes no-where without her lovely doll. (actually maybe a few places….) To me Zorida alone doesn’t synergise with any models specially well, others may disagree, but to me I’ve found no evidence as to why I would take a silurid over a rooster rider or two bayou gremlins, but through in the voodoo doll and suddenly there’s a long list. Nurse, Sammy, Merris, Pigapult, Hex bag (Zorida’s upgrade-not a model but goes in this list) sure there’s others-basically anything giving out a condition. Though I’m not sure on getting the most out of this both games I’ve played this has been good fun messing about with.
So that’s where I’m up to. So far, my games seem to end up with Zorida speeding about turn 4/5 to actually get me some Vps, so my aim is getting the rest of my crew to work without Zorida’s aid so that I can concentrate on working on her voodoo doll shenanigans, which I feel is the best bit. Hopefully me continuing to update you on my findings is gonna work. While typing I’ve been chatting to some folks on twitter and they seem to be in about 20 minds about how this would work.
So goodbye and keep chasing that bacon: P

PS: #ShenaniGranny #ItsAThing

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