Jan 19, 2014

Pere Ravage – Psycho Arsonist

Pere Ravage has a very unhealthy fondness for fire. Trapped inside a burning shack, Pere survived with a serious psychosis. Now, Pere only wants to relieve the time he felt fully alive, trapped in a burning shack, waiting on death.


Pere is an incredible threat on the board. Playing very similar to Papa Loco, Pere explodes upon his death, dealing 4 damage in a 2 inch circle of suffering. Pere has a paltry defense of 4, with an even worse Wp of 3.  His 7 wounds will keep him in the game long enough to accomplish his mission of sending the opponent to their fiery deaths.  Like most Gremlins, Pere can trade wounds for AP with Reckless, combined with his walk stat of 5 this means that Pere, by himself, has a threat range of 18 inches.  He has a charge of 8 inches that can let him get up close, personal from a good distance, combine this with his 1-inch melee range, and it means that Pere can have a 9-inch threat range just from his charge. Again, like most Gremlins Pere is Ht 1, this allows for some movement tricks with Lenny and the Pigapult.


Pere’s attack actions will kill him and that is not a bad thing. Make no mistake that the key to Pere is to kill him when you want to, rather than letting the opponent take him out from range. His first attack is a Burnin’ Stick that does 2/3 blast/5 double blast damage. With a stat of 5 he can reliably hit most models, just don’t expect him to hit those annoying high defense models. A Critical Strike trigger on his melee attack gives him a +1 damage for every Ram in the final duel total. Since Pere cannot use Soul Stones he can only get to a 3/4blast/6 double blast damage profile. This does not require him to suffer any wounds so Pere can be quite handy in melee. His ranged attack has a reliable enough Sh of 5 with a damage profile of 1/3 blast/4 double blast, however the trigger on this action is aptly named. Stupid, which Pere can use on a Ram, means that after you succeed with an attack you triple the amount of damage inflicted on the primary target but you have to sacrifice Pere after damaging. This means that with Focus and a cheatable damage flip Pere has the highest damaging attack in the game. A Red Joker on the damage flip will net 15 damage to the primary target, a formidable amount of damage if I ever saw one. The last action on Pere is his Oopsie tactical action which requires a 6 of Tomes or higher to make all models in a 6 inch pulse pass on a TN 13 Df duel or suffer 5 damage. Pere will also suffer 5 damage from this action and it can kill him so it is often best to use when Pere is on his last Wound and last AP for that activation. Keep in mind that this will affect friendly models as well so it might be a good idea to make sure you keep any friendly clear before Pere uses this action.


Pere’s job is to run into the enemy crew and blow up doing as much damage as possible. Your opponent knows this so it can be a bit rough getting him into position but there are some tricks that can be utilized to make it easier. Lenny can toss Pere up to 10 inches making Pere’s threat range a whopping 28 inches. He can be fired out of the Pigapult as well allowing him to place where you want him anywhere within 24 inches of the Pult. This can be an effective tactic, but a smart opponent will just walk away from him and try to use the remaining AP to kill him before he can clear the Paralyzed condition. Pere can be moved by Ophelia with her Ooh a Girl as well as the (0) action on Jug Rocket. This really ups the use of not only Pere but the Jug Rocket upgrade as well. Since the (0) can only target friendly Kin, in a crew led by Ophelia with Lenny, you can use Lenny to Toss some other Gremlins and then move Pere to where you want him to be. Not much else needs to be said about Pere, he is a mad suicide bomber.

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