Jan 16, 2014

Slop Haulers a metric butt ton of awesome.

Today in the Bayou, we discuss Slop Haulers one of the best defensive minded offensive models in the game.

Slop Haulers are a solid addition to any crew for a couple of reasons. Their stat block is solid for their cost of five Soul stones; they have a decent defense of five for Gremlins. They have a high willpower for Gremlins at a stat of five. The drawback to them is that they are slow for the faction, having a walk stat of four; this is offset by the charge value of eight that can make him mobile. Like most Gremlins, he is Ht 1.  


 Now onto the abilities of the Haulers, they can Bayou Two Card so they can cheat fate with the Top Card of the deck instead of from your hand. This ability lets them synergize well with a Somer led crew. Like most Gremlins they can gain an extra AP for the cost of one wound, this seems to be a bad thing but as we will see it really isn’t (you will see later), they have Squeel to be able to push out of melee combat with a mask.  Going onto the back of their card, we see two attack actions and one tactical action; both attack actions have an average stat of five. The first attack action is a melee attack with a one-inch range that only does 2/3/3 blast damage. The second, and last, attack action has a range of eight inches and a weak damage profile of 1/2 blast/3 double blast. The ranged attack also has a trigger on tomes.
 The great thing about the attack actions of the Slop Haulers is that they reduce the defense value of models hit by them to four. Even better the trigger on the ranged attack means that all models that take damage (important if you get the blasts off) reduce their defense to four as well. The importance of this is shown when looking at two staple models of Gremlins, Bayou Gremlins and Young LaCroix. These models have a stat value of four on all their attacks. This makes it a ton easier to hit and possibly kill those high defense models that are problematic for some of the little green guys. Now onto the reason most people take Slop Haulers, they have a (2) tactical action to heal up to four friendly pigs or gremlins within three inches, since a Slop Hauler is always within three inches of himself he can always heal back that wound from reckless is you have the AP left to use it. This makes the Hauler the only reliable form of healing in the entire world of Malifaux.

Movement Tricks

    Now remember that Haulers themselves often won’t keep up with a crew due to the low walk stat so having some types of movement tricks to get them into advantageous positions is encouraged. Most people will play the Haulers defensively and use them for healing, this works especially well in an Ophelia led crew since Ophelia herself can move them around with her Oooh A Girl (0) action.  They are a great addition to a Somer led horde as well. With them being Ht 1, Lenny can toss them to where they need to be whether for healing or to drop a targets defense to let a metric butt ton of Bayou Gremlins tee off onto the target. If you want ridiculous movement shenanigans then bring the Pigapult. Not only does the defense debuff synergize well with the Pigapult’s base shooting attack, but the Pigapult itself can place a friendly Ht 1 anywhere within twenty four inches of the Pult. The placed Ht 1 model gains the Paralyzed condition so it’s often best used on model that have not activated in the same turn, so they can clear off the Paralyzed condition on the same turn and act normally on the ensuing turns. 

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