Jan 19, 2014

Raphael LaCroix – The Gremlin Enforcer

Raphael LaCroix, a cantankerous Gremlin even by Gremlin standards, lives to crack heads. Think of the character Ajax from The Warriors. What you haven’t seen the Warriors? No, no, no, it’s okay, go look it up, I’ll wait.


Raphael has the LaCroix defense of 4 with the same Wp. At 8 wounds, he can be pretty tanky and with a walk of 5, he can move around like the rest of his Kin. He has a charge value of 8 but it is really useless, trust me you do not want this Gremlin in melee.  At Ht 1 the same tricks apply to movement that apply to Pere. Raph has Reckless like all LaCroix (must be a family trait) but Raph, being the toughest also has Armor +1 and Hard to Kill.  Raph is also Fueled by Panic meaning that when he gets to four or fewer wounds remaining, he gains a positive to his damage flips and can Reckless for free.  


Raph’s attacks are a Big Honkin Stick and a Big Honkin Gun. The Stick has a Ml of 3 and a 1-inch range with a 1/2/4 damage profile. Now you see why he doesn’t want to be in melee. His Gun though has a Sh of 5 with a 10-inch range and a 2/3/5 damage profile. Both of the weapons have the trusty Dumb Luck trigger allowing Raph to reach 2/4/8 damage in melee and a whopping 4/6/10 damage at range. With his pedestrian defense and pitiful melee (really even Bayou Gremlins have a better stat there) you may be wondering how in the hell Raph escapes melee. His only tactical action of Where’d He Go allows Raph to push up to 4-inches in any direction. A rather useful ability to try to get out of engagement with a model and then proceed to shoot its face off.


Some things to keep in mind about Raphael is that in a list with Lenny, Raph suffers one less damage. So if Raph is standing next to Lenny not only can he auto Dumb Luck from Lenny’s aura but he will also reduce the damage he suffers by 2, one from Lenny and one from his Armor, letting Raph get off with 3 damage while inflicting the maximum of 10. Even a Red Joker on the Dumb Luck damage can’t kill this little guy since he can do a whopping 14 damage on the Red he would take 6 wounds, standing next to Lenny he would only take 5. Keep in mind Raph’s Hard to Kill, this can allow Raph to Dumb Luck max damage twice in the same turn without dying.  The key to Raphael is to manage his wounds. He wants to be right on the razor’s edge of 4 wounds allowing him to become a 3 AP killing machine. Dirty Cheater can help with the wound management and often if I field him it will be with Dirty Cheater because of the double Dumb Luck strikes. Remember with Dirty Cheater that every time you cheat a flip you heal one damage so this can often help keeping Raph above the Hard to Kill threshold. 

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