May 6, 2014

Rooster Riders – Rampaging Chickens of Doom


Onto the new Wave 2 models! Not much is known fluff wise so I'm afraid that the synopsis for them will be rather bland.
Rooster Riders are a solid 6 SS model though as we will see most Gremlins are of the low wound count. They have an average Df of 5, the regular Gremlin Wp of 4 and 6 Wounds. Where these guys shine is in their movement. They have a walk and charge of 7 as well as being Ht 2. They are Reckless meaning they can move 21" and still get 2 attacks from a charge, due to Roostercharge allowing them to charge for a (1) action. They have the Bayou Two Card ability, which synergizes nicely with Somer and elite lists, allowing you to save your hand for the models that are important. The interesting ability is Rampage. When these guys get to 2 wounds or fewer they have to charge the closest legal target they are not engaged with and they can do it while engaged. They gain + to the attack and damage flips while charging this way. The thing to remember is that this happens every time they have an opportunity to declare and action rather than just at the beginning of their activation. This means that they can potentially hit 3 different targets on one activation. One thing to keep in mind is that your own models count as legal targets, so positioning is key with these crazed chickens.
Rooster Riders have 2 separate attack actions; the first one is their Beak at Ml6 and a x1 range. This attack has a 2/4/6 damage track and must declare a trigger; luckily, there is only one trigger available to them. On a r they Stampede, suffer 1 damage and must charge the closest non-pig target that it is not engaged with.


Their second attack action is their Rusty Rifle, which is a Sh 5 l 12 that does 1/3/4 damage. This attack must also declare a trigger. On a r they get Dumb Luck that will do 2/6/8 damage and on a c they Ricochet and ping 1 damage onto the closest other friendly model within 12" and Line of Sight.

Rooster Riders are a great complimentary model to any crew. The threat range and above average melee make them serious threats to any model that the opponents can bring. The problem is that they do require some though in positioning and they are very much a glass cannon. While they can do a lot of damage, they cannot take any assault from most models.

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