May 20, 2014

The Sow - Gremlins get Terrifying, and even more scary!

The Sow, a rare 1 minion, Terrifying in her beauty and brutality. Let's look at this gal and see how she may fit in with the rest of the faction.



She has Df 4, Wp 5, and 10 Wds making her one of the more "tanky" models in the faction. She is speedy as well with a 5" walk and a 9" Charge, of course, she is Ht 3 so a great screen for Gremlins to hide behind. She is cheap at a cost of 8 soulstones especially with the following abilities. The Sow is Three Headed gaining + to attack and damage flips when she has 5 or more wounds remaining. Holy crap! She has Smell Fear to be able to take a (1) Ml action after an enemy model loses a Wp duel within 6". This ability will synergize greatly with the Brewmaster, Somer Teeth, and Zorida, masters, which have attacks that target Wp. The Sow is Terrifying (All) 12 which should help her hold up against most things that will target her. Also remember that Horror use Wp so it will count as a failed Wp duel for purposes of Smell Fear. This allows her to attack things that may be too scared to attack her, man that can be nasty. The last ability on the front of her card is Farrowing; this ability summons 2 Piglets within 1" of the Sow before she is removed from the table, either via Sacrifice or via Killed. These piglets will suffer 4 damage each meaning they will come in on 1 Wd, though they can be healed rather easily with the amount of healing flying about in the faction.



If you make the Sow mad she will Furiously Maul you (Ml 5/x2) which will inflict 3/5/6 damage onto the target. She does have the Eat Anything trigger that will heal her 1/2/3 after damaging an enemy model. While it may look a little underwhelming keep in mind that this girl at more than 5 wounds get a + to attack AND DAMAGE. This innate + negates the – from any Hard To Wound model also since most of the damage flips in the game are – this allows you to be at a straight flip and cheat in damage, if you so choose.


Her only Tactical Action is to Birth (C 5/TN 10c) a Piglet from an enemy scheme marker. This allows her to target an enemy scheme marker within 2" and summon a piglet into base contact with The Sow. Both the Sow and the Piglet will suffer 2 damage from this action, but the damage can be reduced meaning if Lenny happens to be hanging around they will only take 1 each.


The Sow is a great addition to any Gremlin crew, the fact that she is Terrifying will really make your opponent shake their heads then add in Smell Fear and such and she can easily finish off a model rather quickly. Obviously, she is better against melee crews than shooters since she doesn't have much in defensive stats other than her Terrifying.

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