May 13, 2014

Bayou Bushwhackers – Don’t call them Bayou Gals!

Onto the Rare 3 ranged attackers of Mah Tuckett's Gang!



These gals are nifty models that can be an interesting choice for crews. At a cost of 6 the most you can bring of these girls is 3 due to the Rare restriction. Df, Wp, and Wd of 6 means that these gals are pretty hardy stat wise, defensively though any hit that gets through will hurt! They walk 5, charge 6, and are tiny Gremlins at Ht 1. Get Off My Land! Gives them an 8-inch push after determining initiative on the first turn, but they cannot cross the centerline during the push or interact on the first turn. Boost Their Confidence lets them suffer 2 damage after a friendly Gremlin miss with a Sh attack to take a shot at the same target without spending AP. However, the target must be in range and LoS as normal. Where these models shine is Lay of The Land, which gives them cover from all non x attack actions while they are in cover.




For Actions these girls have their trusty Fryin' Pan (Ml 5/ x1) which does 2/3/4 damage with 3 different triggers. On a m they can Reposition themselves 3" in any direction, on a t they can Smack the target up to 4" in any direction and lastly, on a r they get Critical Strike, which adds +1 for each r in the duel total, which means they can get to 4/5/6 damage with Lenny hanging around. These girls also have a nice Trusty Rifle (SH6/ l14) that does 1/3/4 damage. The best part is that this attack ignores cover and if you focus, the damage goes to 2/4/5. On a m with the Rifle the can Reposition 3" in any direction. The only (0) action is that they can Play Possum and discard a card to make the area in a3 around them count as soft cover. When used with some Bayou Two Card models this can work really well as B2C still allows the models to cheat even with no hand! You can run them in a ball and discard 1 card to give them all cover, move them into cover to gain the benefits if Lay of the Land, or have all 3 discard to gain the effects when in the open.


These models can play havoc with the enemy when used in cover. Giving a - to all non x attack actions makes them frustrating for the enemy crew to deal with. However, they can close on them and try to take them out. They benefit greatly from focus, which can allow them to focus fire on one target to eliminate per turn with little retaliation because of Lay of the Land. Playing Possum is essential to keeping them alive long enough to get into cover. Though once into a prime sniper position they rarely need to move, since any focus attack will likely kill them since they don't have the wounds to keep them alive against a sustained attack.

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