Apr 26, 2014

Somer Teeth Jones, da Boss

Somer Teeth Jones finally is arriving here at the Bayou. Sorry, for the lapse in time real life has gotten in the way!


Somer Teeth stacks up well next to the "combat master" of the Gremlins, Ophelia. Same defense and willpower of 6, both with 12 wounds, yet Somer, despite being taller (Ht 2 vs Ht 1) is a little less slow on the walk at 5, but a little faster on the charge at 7. Somer has some of the best abilities you could want from a master. Bayou Two Card allows Somer to cheat even when he doesn't have a hand and Survival of the Fittest allows him to draw 2 cards whenever another Gremlin is killed within 6". His defensive trigger of Loudest Squeal on a (m) means he gets a 4" push regardless of the Attack action succeeding or failing.


Somers has 3 separate attack actions, the first is his Boomer at Sh 5 and 12" range it is a decent ranged attack. Somer has the same Thinkin Luck trigger that Ophelia has though his damages do blasts as well. With a damage spread of 2/2b/5bb that can get to 4/4b/8bb he can be a very good ranged threat. However, in melee, Somer is capable as well using his Pig Prodder at Ml 6 and a 1/4/5 damage profile with a trigger on a c that he can summon a piglet after killing the target. His last base action is Bigger Hat Than You, a Ca 6 18" range that forces the target enemy leader and Somer to discard their hand. This ability can be amazing when used in conjunction with Bayou Two Card and Survival of the Fittest. It gives Somer probably the best card advantage found in the game.


His Tactical Actions are both (0) actions so one must choose one or the other. The first one is Do It Like Dis, which allows Somer, on a 6, to discard a card and give every model within a8 the suit of the discarded card to all their duels. His second tactical action is to Quit Screwin Around that stops triggers on all models within a4.


Now here is where Somer gets tricky.
Somer can have very different play styles depending on the upgrades chosen.
The first way is to play him as a summoner using his Family Tree upgrade that allows him to split Bayou Gremlins on an 8
m. Both Gremlins will suffer 2 damage that cannot be reduced so even Lenny cannot help the Gremlin and his bro.

Another way to play is by running a Hog Whisperer and Pigs with his Pig Feed upgrade that gives him the Pork Whisperin ability as well as another attack action of Tossed Feed. It is a Ca of 6 that needs a 6 of any suit to work on a defense resist. The range is l12 and all friendly pig models in line of sight push immediately towards the target of the attack. Any Pigs that end in base contact with the target get to immediately take a (1) AP Ml stack action.

Yet another way to play is as a support combat master using Encouragement. This gives Somer the ability of throwing Rocks to the Head of other friendly Gremlins within a8 so that they suffer 1 damage and gain a + to any duels from the action.

His last upgrade is a Can o' Beans, which gives Somer the (0) Pull My finger tactical action. On a 5, all non-gremlin models within p 2 have to pass a TN15 Wp duel or suffer 2 damage. In addition, it gives Somer another (0) of Warn The Kin which forces all models to not flip cards for Somer when randomizing into engagements.


Overall Somer can play like a jack-of-all-trades master, able to run different lists and models with ease. Now he may not have the raw combat power of Ophelia or the ridiculous synergy with pigs like Ulix, but he does have a little of both which can allow him to run multiple, different, lists. Somer is a master that you can truly choose how you want to play and then make him fit that play style. Want to play like 1.5 Somer, sit back, and send hordes of Gremlins against the opponent? He can do that. Want to play like 1.5 Ophelia by giving out certain suits and playing the damage game? He can do that. Want to run elite Kin lists or crazy pig lists? He can do that as well. Now he may not do it as well as some others but Somer is solid and reliable. So go on and take him out for a spin, you won't be disappointed.

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