Dec 24, 2013

What are the key play styles of gremlins?

Welcome back to the Bayou, today we are discussing Gremlins and play styles. Let's start right off with the cruise missile of the faction, Ophelia LaCroix.

Ophelia is almost as straight forward a master as has been seen in Malifaux. She shoots stuff, dead. She also has some movement tricks to her that affect friendly Kin allowing use of interesting tactics. In all the M2E games I have played with Ophelia she is the master that really doesn't need her totem or her named upgrades to function effectively. This allows her to be more adaptable to the strategy and the opposing faction since she can take the general Gremlin upgrades in lieu of her own. It also allows her to take either the general Gremlin totem, Old Cranky, the Student of Conflict, or no totem and still function well and in some cases better.
Ophelia has an ability to discard an upgrade and reduce damage by 1, this isn't a bad ability if you are using only her named upgrades because she can Reload. Reload allows Ophelia for a (1) Action to attach any of her named upgrades. Now her named upgrades are all different Attack Actions that go away after you use the Attack Action, they also have some other movement shenanigans on them as well. This augments Ophelia's natural charm and allows for the placement of Kin onto buildings or past walls.  All in all she is a brutal ranged master that can generally kill whatever she needs to kill, and do it smiling.

Short one today but Christmas is coming, Merry Christmas all!

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