Dec 24, 2013

What are the key play styles of gremlins? Pt 2 Somer Teeth Jones

Somer Teeth Jones is up next so let us take a closer look at the Big Hat!

 Somer is an interesting master to play since he has varied play styles based on the upgrades you take for him. At his base, he is a Gremlin that buffs the other Gremlins around him. He is as capable in combat as most other masters (just a smidge below Ophelia) with the Thinkin’ Luck trigger at range and the make a pig trigger in melee. When I play Somer I tend to use his totems to gas the area (Can O’ Beans upgrade) they are in and try to tie up enemy models for a turn or so.  Generally, Somer’s play style is as a summoner but that is not the whole story. Sure, he can summon three bayou gremlins a turn and then have a slop hauler heal them all up. This is a great tactic for out activation and locking targets in place for a gun line to shoot down the enemy, but there is more to this Somer than just that.  He can take a more elite crew and control triggers with his Do it Like Dis (0) Action and play the role of a combat master. He can field a crew full of piglets and warpigs with hog whisperers for back up.

 Somer is another master that, like Ophelia, you *can* delete his totems and take either Old Cranky, the Student of Conflict, or no totem at all and field extra models. A couple of things to keep in mind about crew selection if you plan to use Somers “Bigger Hat Than You”.  You want models that can Bayou Two Card. This makes it so you can always cheat fate from the top of the deck, but you cannot cheat damage flips. Survival of The Fittest allows you to draw two cards whenever another Gremlin is killed or sacrificed within 6”, so he can be especially effective when led against other Gremlin crews. 

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