Dec 27, 2013

The Whiskey Golem or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Now I Need AA

 Welcome back loyal readers today I will peek at the faction’s resident alcohol wagon, scroll to the bottom for the bolded definitions.

The Whiskey Golems is a mystery even the most brilliant Arcanist minds cannot solve, since they often find themselves drinking the shine he hauls within him instead of studying him.  Built by the Brewmaster himself to haul Moonshine he is Nimble for his size, able to get to where he needs to go quickly.  Imbued with a bit of Iron Bound Armor to reinforce him on long journeys the Golem often suffers from Spillage and Sprung Leaks that reduce the amount of Shine that gets to the destination.  Lest anyone try to steal the Shine, the Golem can retaliate with a Barrel to the Face sometimes resulting in a leaky barrel making the would-be thief Smashed. Sometimes, the Brewmaster will want the Golem to imbue a Smokey Finish to the Shine to offer a different flavor or just to try to tone down the burn of the potent alcohol.
  Okay with all that out of the way how does he play you ask. He is a good piece for area control as well as dropping Scheme Markers. With a nimble walk, he can cover fully half of the board in one activation. Often though the smart play is to move him up with his nimble walk action and then use his fine craftsmanship to up his defense to 7. This allows him to be more of a “tank” (I see what you did there -G). You want to keep him in cover if possible since even defense seven will not protect him from any Sh or Ca actions. His defensive trigger of Sprung a Leak only works on melee attacks, so melee range is where he wants to be. Once engaged in melee you want to try to kill whatever he is engaged with as quickly as you can. Luckily, his upgrade makes him an Angry Drunk and allows him to flurry. This essentially gives the Golem 4 AP if he starts in melee. You can discard a card to flurry and get three attacks and, if you kill the target, you can then nimble walk to safety or towards another target.  His Armor is decent and nine wounds will keep him in the game but anything that focuses on him can be quite problematic. Sprung a Leak and Armor will only protect him so far, if the opponent decides that the Golem must die often he will go down quicker than a working girl at Madame Sybelle’s.  He is a great choice for area denial when combined with the Brewmaster and his aura of Drinking Contest. This helps when he suffers damage so the attacker must pass a willpower duel or end its activation; Brewmaster has his willpower-dropping aura that will help his survivability. Overall, he has amazing synergy with the Brewmaster (obviously, he was designed by the Brewmaster –G) but do not overlook his mobility when building crews for other masters. His poison does not synergize well with other masters but he can be a fearsome presence on the fields of Malifaux by himself.

Nimble - One additional AP for Walk actions
Armor - Armor +1
Iron Bound - One AP “Fine Craftsmanship” action gives Iron Bound condition that grants +2 Df
Spillage – When killed all models in a two inch pulse gain Poison +2
Sprung A Leak – Defensive trigger that causes a Wp duel, failure results in the attacker gaining Poison +2 and ending its activation.
Barrel to the Face - Attack action dealing 3/5/6 damage to the target
Smashed – Trigger off Barrel to the Face that gives the target Poison +2
Smokey Finish – Lets the Golem perform a healing flip and gain Poison +1

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